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Its is well know that people prone to cardiac arrests should not strain themselves with heavy physical activity. When in an emergency care should be taken that they are carried in an stretcher and well equipped ambulance. It will be fatal to make then walk or moving them in personal vehicles.

Its always difficult to give directions in India. This becomes incredibly tough when you are on an highway or in an new area.

Using CallAmbulance, your precise GPS location is captured and sent to the emergency team. This is will reduce time spent on giving directions and make you focus on more important things.

Many a times when someone collapses, we do not know what to do. Do not worry, now you can raise alarm from CallAmbulance app and notify the first responders around you. They are medically trained to do basic life support and will try to stabilize the person in distress.

If you are getting into labour, having all the trivial information at one place will make life much easier. With CallAmbulance you can have all health records, insurance, doctors information in one place and you can request for help as soon as you realize labour pains

We see many requests for wanting blood but do not know any who could be reached at appropriate time. Now, finding a donor is just a call away. Using CallAmbulance you can create a blood donor network of people you know and trust. 

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