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Bloody Friend !

You have Facebook friends, you have Whatsapp friends, you have Llinkedin friends…but… if you are in urgent need of blood, do you know whom to ask ? This is where Bloody Friend Network gets into picture.

In healthcare, I or my family cares the most about me and this is universally true across all citizens and so every citizen should be able to find friends in their own network who can give blood.

With this being the objective, CallAmbulance launches a new sync feature ( only on Android for now) that allows you to get the blood group of all your friends on the network (of course they agree and be willing to share the information)

A lot of my friends asked us why the name “Bloody Friend”, why not something soft sounding like Blood Buddies.  There is something about the word “Bloody” that gets adrenaline rush and we think the word Bloody adds to degree of urgency with which people have to get their act right in the event of urgent need of blood!

At some point, we will launch a campaign & seek your indulgence to get Oxford, Cambridge dictionaries to redefine what the word Bloody means !!

In the meantime, try this feature on CallAmbulance mobile app and Sync Bloody Friends (only on android for now)!

With more people joining the network, it gets so much better for each citizen to have one of their friends help them. Get your family and friends on the bloody friend network. Someday, one of them will thank you for being a hero by saving their life!



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Umashankar Adi Kotturu, Co Founder & CEO, Call Ambulance