Let the universe conspire to help people in distress !!

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Let the universe conspire to help people in distress !!

They say thousands of years ago man hunted alone, but realised that he is no match to the physical strength of many animals he encountered! Instead, he had to use his intellect to win the hunting game. He gradually learnt to collaborate and do hunting & farming in groups ! Once he started collaborating, it was no longer about physical strength, it was about how the work can be broken down and integrated back, some part of the work was elaborate planning and some part was done in real time!

Today, emergency care in India and many other countries is similar to the problem of the primitive man. It does not have to be that way ! With the right kind of technology, infrastructure, tools and collaboration, an emergency care network should be established and improvised with time to perform better!

We at CallAmbulance are enabling our consumers and health providers with mobile app technology so that various individuals and organisations can come together with a single purpose – Save A Life !! Our world view is “Together, We Save Lives. Faster”

Ambulance Services like EMRI (108) and many other private ambulances have created significant impact by providing an ambulance at the moment of need. It is probably the most important service in Emergency and without which many many lives could not have been saved.

When one looks at it from the vantage point of a consumer in distress — the adrenaline rush to save one’s own live to that of hopelessness and despair happens very quickly ( in matter of minutes). Today CallAmbulance is bringing together various aspects of emergency care on to a single platform. With the CallAmbulance mobile app, we keep it simple for our consumer by hiding all the complexity.

Give CallAmbulance mobile app a try and write back on what you like and what you want to see!!



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