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In India every year 7.2 Lakh Cardiac Arrests occur. Only 1% of the victims survive. This is because immediate care is not provided to the victim. As per studies the chances of survival decrease with delay in care gradually by an average of 3% to 4 % per minute. The main causes of delay include delay in recognizing the emergency, delay in raising alarm for emergency help, late arrival of Ambulance but importantly lack of Citizen Involvement in stabilizing the victim. With Citizen Involvement the survival rates can be improved up to 40%.

Developed countries like Israel, over the years, have trained thousands of citizens and created a volunteer network of First Responders. They were able to save a lot of lives by responding to emergency victims in less than 5 mins. The training starts from High School level in quite a few developed countries.

With advancements in technology, CallAmbulance, an Emergency Response Mobile App, is bringing ‘100K First Response’ app to build a similar network in a faster and superior way. Over a period of time, we can also achieve similar response times by creating a big network of Citizen First Responders. This will help making our communities safer and responsive.

At TedxHyderabadSalon, NGOs SAHE, Rotary Miyapur and EMRI led by Viiveck Verma, Dr. Vipin Antony Das and Dr. Ramana Rao extended great support to promote this concept among citizens of India. We welcome other NGOs in healthcare & road safety to join hands with us in taking this concept to fellow citizens. CallAmbulance is proud to share that over 60 private hospitals and EMRI joined the movement to train citizens as First Responders. For e.g. in partnership with Continental Hospitals and Omni Hospitals, CallAmbulance team has trained more than 100 UBER Drivers till date.


We solicit everyone to join us on this mission to train over 1Lakh Citizens in Basic Life Saving Skills starting with Hyderabad. First Responders will be able to stabilize and save victims of Common Emergencies before the ambulance arrives. Common emergencies include Cardiac Arrest, Brain Stroke, pregnancy delivery, pediatric care, road trauma etc.


How does it work?

When an emergency victim raises alarm using CallAmbulance App it will share the exact location of the victim with these First Responders along with Ambulance Manager/108, Ambulance Driver and Doctor-on-duty, family. Only the First Responders who are in the 1KM distance will be notified. Any of the First responders can choose to respond and will come on their own vehicles and provide stabilization to the patient till the Ambulance arrives.


Who can sign up and what is provided in the Training?


Any able bodied and socially motivated citizen between the age group 18-55 years irrespective of gender/education can sign up for this training. We invite Ambulance drivers to undergo this training and help victims in a better way. Car/Bus/Auto Drivers, Corporate Employees, Security Guards, College Students, people living in Residential Communities should undergo this training as they witness common emergencies.

Citizens without any prior medical knowledge will be trained to identify common emergencies, perform simple stabilization techniques to save the victim till Ambulance arrives. The session includes both theory and hands-on training. The duration of training will be around 3-4 hours. After undergoing the training, the citizen is allowed to join the 100K First Response Network.

To participate in the First Responder training, send a WhatsApp message mentioning ‘’<your Name> for FR” to +91-810-617-3902. We will call you back and schedule a group training at a time and place of your convenience. Going forward, the schedule will be posted on our website www.calllambulance.in

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